What are Snapchat Best Friends List Planets?

Long-time Snapchat users surely know about the friendship emojis. Recently, these emojis got a lot more interesting with the introduction of the feature; Snapchat best friends list planets for pro users.

Basically, the Snapchat Planets list also known as Snapchat solar system is a list of the eight closest friends you have on Snapchat, represented by planets in the solar system.

What are Snapchat Best Friends List Planets?

Snapchat assigns each of the eight closest friends to a planet in the solar system, depending on your closeness with them.

Similar to each planet’s closeness with the sun, Mercury represents the friend closest to you and Neptune represents the eighth closest person.

Introduced in early 2023, the planet list is a special “closeness” indicator for Snapchat+ users.

The planets do not remove the friendship emoji that appears after a friend’s username. However, you can go deeper into your snaping history and friendship with the planets list.

How Do You View Snapchat’s Best Friends Planet List?

You can view the Snapchat best friends solar system only after you subscribe to the premium version of the app. Afterward, you can follow the steps mentioned below to navigate to the list.

  1. Open Snapchat and tap on the chat icon at the bottom.
  2. On the friends list, tap on the + button at the top right corner of the screen.
  3. Locate and tap on See Your Friends’ Planet

You can then tap on any one of the planets to learn more about your friendship with the associated user.

How Do You See if You Are on Someone’s Planet’s List?

If you have a friend and he/she has you on their planets list, they are represented as “Best Friends” in their profile.

If only one has the other on the planets list, you’ll be categorized as “Friends” on Snapchat+. You can follow the steps mentioned below to verify it.

  1. Open Snapchat on your device.
  2. Tap on the cat icon at the bottom.
  3. Tap on the bitmoji of the friend you want.
  4. Check if they have Best Friends or Friends.

If available, you can see which planet they’re in by tapping on Best Friends. To recognize the planets in the list, you can see the colors and patterns that the planets have.

Recognizing Planets on the Best Friends List

Once you open the Planets list, you’ll see eight planets that are accompanied by a sun with your bitmoji. The Snapchat planet order is similar to the real solar system.

These planets are not named on the Snapchat app. However, you can recognize them in other ways, as mentioned below.


Mercury is represented by an icon of your bitmoji sitting on a red planet with its orbits around the sun.

Snapchat Best Friends List Planets - Mercury

Additionally, there are five red hearts and similar sparkles near them. When you can tap on it, you can learn more about your friendship with your closest friend.


Similar to the real one, Venus is the second planet on the friends list. It has multi-colored hearts surrounding it with small stars and sparkles around it.


The third plant on the list is our own, Earth. The icon for Earth is similar to that of the real Earth with its blue and green patterns.

It represents your friendship with the person with whom you have shared the (third) most streaks. Additionally, there’s also an icon of a moon alongside Earth with four red hearts and three small stars.


The red planet with three violet/blue hearts is Mars. There are several other stars alongside the red planet for your fourth closest Snapchat friend.


Similar to Mercury, Jupiter is also represented as a yellowish-orange planet. The fifth planet for your fifth closest planet does not have hearts around it. It has multiple stars in different colors.


Saturn, with its planetary ring, represents your sixth closest friend on Snapchat.


You can see a light blue planet with your bitmoji sitting on it. It is Uranus. You can tap on it to learn more about your friendship with your seventh closest friend.

There are six sparkling stars surrounding Uranus’s planetary emoji.


The final planet, Neptune, is darker and bluish in color. There are no hearts but a few blue sparkles to represent your eighth closest friend on Snapchat.

Our Assessment

The Snapchat best friends list planets is a great addition that you may enjoy if you already like the friendship emoji on Snapchat.

Navigating Snapchat planets is quite easy. You can view the list for all your planets or check the planets of a single friend as well.

The price for Snapchat+ is different depending on the region you belong to. However, the price is quite reasonable for the features it provides including the planets list feature.

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