Interactive Text to Speech Converter

This tool is a web-based free Text to Speech online tool that allows users to input text, select a voice (or “accent”), and then have the text read aloud using the selected voice.

Text to Speech

Text to Speech

Note: The ‘Download’ function is currently being maintained.

Here’s a detailed explanation of its components and functionality:


The three structures included that make up this free Text to Speech Google tool are;

  1. Body Structure:
    • Text Area: A large input box where users can type or paste the text they want to be read aloud.
    • Control Buttons: These are buttons for speaking, pausing, stopping the speech, and downloading the audio.
    • Voice Selector: A dropdown menu to choose from various available voices (or accents) for speech synthesis.
  2. Styling:
    • Provides a clean, user-friendly design with a centered layout.
    • Buttons have a distinctive, interactive style with visual feedback on hover and click.
  3. JavaScript Functionality:
    • Speech Synthesis: Uses the Web Speech API’s speechSynthesis interface to convert text to speech.
    • Voice Selection: Dynamically populates the dropdown menu with available voices and sets the selected voice for the speech.
    • Control Functions:
      • Speak/Stop: Toggles between starting and stopping the speech.
      • Pause/Continue: Allows pausing and resuming the speech.
      • Stop: Completely stop the speech.
      • Download: Placeholder for downloading the audio, not yet functional.

How It Works

  1. Loading Voices:
    • When the page loads, it fetches available voices from the browser’s speech synthesis engine and populates the dropdown menu. This tool is in the ‘BETA’ stage. That’s why it only reads a few sentences. A better version will be released soon.
  2. Text Input:
    • Users type or paste the text into the provided text area.
  3. Voice Selection:
    • Users select a preferred voice from the dropdown menu. This voice is used to read the text aloud.
  4. Control Buttons:
    • Speak Button: Starts reading the text aloud. If clicked again during a speech, it stops the speech.
    • Pause Button: Pauses the speech if it’s currently playing; changes to “Continue” to allow resuming.
    • Stop Button: Stops the speech immediately.
    • Download Button: This button is intended for downloading the spoken text as an audio file, but it currently shows a “Coming Soon” icon indicating that it’s not yet available.
  5. Button State Management:
    • To provide a smooth user experience, buttons are dynamically shown, hidden, or disabled based on their current state (speaking, paused, stopped).

Example Use Case

Imagine a user who wants to listen to a long article while doing other tasks. They can:

  1. Paste the article’s text into the text area.
  2. Select their preferred voice from the dropdown menu.
  3. Click “Speak” to start listening to the article.
  4. Use the “Pause” button and resume with the “Continue” button if needed.
  5. Stop the speech at any time with the “Stop” button.

This text to speech AI tool is helpful for accessibility, allowing visually impaired users or those who prefer auditory learning to access written content audibly.