How to Convert PDF to Google Sheets? (2024 Guide)

Most professionals prefer sharing documents in PDF file format. Although this is the standard, the nature of PDFs makes editing its content difficult. For this very reason, many Google Sheets users find it difficult to convert their files from PDF to Google Sheets. 

Google Sheets does not support .pdf files. So, you’ll need to load your PDF file to a processor that supports the extension, like Google Docs. You can then convert the Doc file to a Google Sheets file.

If your PDF has a data table, converting the PDF into a different file format compatible with Sheets, such as .CSV,  is another viable option.

How to Convert PDF to Google Sheets?

There are quite a few ways to convert a PDF to a Google Sheets file. So, let’s jump into those methods.

PDF to Google Sheets

By Converting to Google Docs

Despite having formatting differences, Google Docs is the most compatible tool for Sheets that Google offers. You must first convert the PDF to Google Docs and then convert it to Sheets. You need to upload your PDF file on Google drive to open it on Google Docs. 

Step 1: Convert PDF to Google Docs

Users can convert a PDF to Google Docs by following the method mentioned below using Google Drive. You can only perform this method on a desktop browser.

  1. Open Google Drive on your browser.
  2. Click on the New button at the top.
  3. Select File Upload.
  4. Navigate to the folder with your target PDF and double-click on it.
  5. Once the upload completes, click on Recent.
  6. Right-click on the target file.
  7. Click on the three
  8. Click on Open with > Google Docs top.

Step 2: Transfer Content from Docs to Sheets

Once you’ve converted PDF to Google Docs, you can use either the web browser or the mobile application to load the contents to Google Sheets.

On Desktop

  1. Open the target file on Google Docs.
  2. Press Ctrl + A once the Docs file opens. Press cmd +A on Mac.
  3. Then, press Ctrl + C to copy the data. Press cmd + C on Mac.
  4. Open Google Sheets on a different tab.
  5. Click on a cell you prefer on the sheets file. 
  6. Press cmd + V to paste. Press cmd + V on Mac.

On Mobile

  1. Open the Google Docs app and open your PDF file.
  2. Tap on the pencil icon at the bottom.
  3. Double-tap on the first word of the file.
  4. Once the highlighter opens, tap on the second highlighter and drag it to the bottom of the file.
  5. Tap on Copy.
  6. Open a file on the Sheets app.
  7. Select the first cell or the one you want to start the table.
  8. Again, tap on the target cell.
  9. Tap on Paste.

In most cases, each element gets transferred in the Google Sheets grid individually. However, if your texts get pasted in the same cell, you can head to Data > Split text to column to separate your data.

By Converting to a CSV File

Sometimes, Google Docs does not read the data from the PDF in a table. In such cases, instead of being assembled in a table, your data is separated by a space.

You must replace the spaces with commas to ensure that the rows and columns accurately transfer to Sheets. You can then save it as a CSV file and load it on Google Sheets to convert the PDF to Google Sheets.

  1. Open Google Drive and click on the New button at the top.
  2. Click on File Upload.
  3. Navigate to the target folder and double-click on it.
  4. After the upload completes, click Recent.
  5. Right-click on the target file and select Open with > Google Docs.
  6. Press Ctrl + H.
  7. Click on the upper box and input space on it. On the box at the bottom, input a comma.
  8. Click on Replace all.
  • If the data are listed as separate rows, then Manually remove the comma from the last word or number from each row and replace it with a space.
  • If the data are all listed in a single paragraph, replace the comma at the end with Enter.
  1. At the top, click on File > Download > Plain Text.
  2. Open the text file once the download completes.
  3. Click on File > Save as.
  4. Click on the textbox next to the File name and input a name for your file.
  5. Add .csv at the end of the file’s name and click on Save.
  6. Open a file on Google Sheets.
  7. Click on File > Open > Upload tab.
  8. Click on Browse.
  9. Navigate to the folder with the CSV file and double-click on it.

Using Online Tools

There are a lot of online tools and software that can help you convert a PDF to a Google Sheets file. You can use the one that you prefer. Depending on the one you choose, you may not need to separately upload the PDF files to Drive or Docs. 

Concluding the Method to Convert PDF to Google Sheets

So, that’s it for our guide on how to Convert a PDF to Google Sheets.

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If you have anything else to share, feel free to leave a comment below.

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