How to Turn Off AirPlay? (3 Methods for 2024)

Airplay allows you to share media from one of your Apple devices to another or other compatible devices. However, it can be quite inconvenient when your iPhone or iPad randomly connects to a TV or MacBook without your intention.

Airplay connections are made using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi when both devices are connected to the internet from the same router. Disconnecting such features on one of your devices effectively turns off the Airplay connection.

However, there are other methods for turning Airplay off via the control center or the device’s settings.

How to Turn Off AirPlay?

You can turn off airplay by specifically turning off screen mirroring or Airplay media.

However, you can temporarily turn off Airplay to keep your devices from re-establishing the connection. The steps to do such tasks are mentioned below.

Method 1: Turn Off Screen Mirroring

Screen mirroring is a part of the Airplay feature that allows you to protect your device’s screen from another device.

Stopping screen mirroring on the projecting device stops screen mirroring on the other end. 

You can turn off screen mirroring from the control panel on an iPhone or iPad and through Displays settings on a Mac. So, follow the steps mentioned below.

On iPhone/iPad

  1. Swipe down to up (or opposite) on your device and open the control center.
  2. Select the icon for Screen mirroring (two rectangle icons).
    Click on Double Square Icon
  3. Tap on Stop Mirroring.

On Mac

You can turn off the screen mirror through the menubar on Mac devices. So, refer to the following steps for this.

  1. Click on the Screen Mirror icon from the Menu bar at the top. Or Click on Control Center > Screen Mirroring.
  2. Click on the device name to which you are connected.
  3. Close the window.

The process mentioned above stops your iPad, iPhone, or Mac from projecting its screen to a compatible device. You can also stop Airplay on your Apple TV to prevent your TV from receiving the screen mirroring feed.

Method 2: Turn Off Automatic Airplay

You can disable the automatic Airplay features on your iPhone or iPad to prevent the connection from getting established.

Similarly, stopping airplay on your Apple TV stops screen mirroring and media sharing from the TV’s or Mac’s ends.

You can follow the steps mentioned below to turn off AirPlay on iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV.

On iPad/iPhone

  1. Open Settings on your device.
  2. Tap on General.
    Click on General
  3. Tap on AirPlay and Handoff.
    Clcik on AirPlay and handoff
  4. Tap on Automatically AirPlay to TVs.
    Click on Automatic Airplay to TVs
  5. Tap on Never from the three options.
    Select Never
  6. Close the settings and restart your device.

After disabling the automatic feature, you need to re-enable it if you want to make a new Airplay connection.

On Mac

  1. Click on the Apple icon at the top left corner of the screen.
  2. Click on System Preferences.
  3. Click on Displays.
  4. Click on the drop-down option next to AirPlay Display.
  5. Click on Off.

On Apple TV

  1. Open Settings on your Apple TV.
  2. Select AirPlay and HomeKit.
  3. Select AirPlay to turn it off.

Method 3: Turn Off Media Airplay 

If there are other devices connected to your iPhone/iPad, you can instantly disable media AirPlay via the control center.

You need to change the output device from your TV, speakers or other devices to your iPhone/iPad or Mac’s Internal Speakers. You can follow the steps mentioned below to do so.

On Mac

  1. Click on the double toggle button at the top to open the control center.
  2. Click on the Airplay icon next to the Sound option.
  3. Click on Internal Speakers.

On iPhone/iPad

  1. Scroll your device from down to up (or vice-versa) to access the control center.
  2. Tap on the Airplay icon at the top right corner.
    Click on AirPlay Icon
  3. Tap on iPhone or iPad.
  4. Close the airplay screen.

Bonus Method (Stop AirPlay Connection)

Airplay primarily uses an Internet connection to share video and media. You can follow the steps mentioned below to disconnect such features from one of your devices to stop airplay on all of them.

On iPad/iPhone

  1. Open the control center by swiping down (or up).
  2. Tap on the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth icons to close them. Or, tap on the Airplane icon to enable Airplane mode.

On Mac

  1. Click on the Wi-Fi icon at the top.
  2. Click on the toggle button to turn it off.

On Apple TV

  1. Go to Settings on your device.
  2. Select Network.
  3. Click on Wi-Fi and then on your Wi-Fi network.
  4. Click on Forget Network.

If you use an Ethernet connection for internet access on any one of your devices, you can plug your Ethernet cable out.

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